At Aarey we are all about women empowerment and fundraising activities for the community.

NEWS 2022


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A special Tribal Lunch | December 2022
A group booking for a special Tribal Lunch and a mini pop up flea market with items made by the women.

The Covid Lockdown Food Project | November 2022
Our small team of 5 was felicitated at a function at Jogeshwari East, by MLA Ravindra Waikar.

A visit by Breach Candy Hospital dietitians. | October 2022
Distribution of Calcium Syrup, Iron Syrup, deworming syrup, chikki, eggs, juice, banannas to 120 families.

Saree Drive 2022 | October 2022
106 sarees dropped off by The Rotary Club Of Navumbai Garim.

Empowering Tribal Women | September 2022
Aarey women get a hand on painting, quilt and bag sewing work.

Distribution to Students | August 2022
Well wisher distributed note books & choloclates at Nagormodhai to 80 students.

Saree Drive 2022 | August 2022
Our small team of volunteers doing this for the 5th year in a row.

The Aur Chalao programme. | August 2022
A donation of a preloved pram and push cycle.

The Aur Chalao programme. | August 2022
A donation of a preloved pram and push cycle.

The Aur Chalao programme. | August 2022
Preloved Toys and Backpacks distributed to 100 school children.

Heavy Food Kits Delivered. | August 2022
The current economic scenario is tough and our families will always benefit from dry food.

Leaky Roof. | July 2022
The Balwadi at unit 31 in Aarey had a leaky roof. We arranged for a huge tarpaulin.

50 School Bags Donated. | June 2022
Local volunteers spotted kids taking a plastic packet to school.

An Ongoing Livelihood Project. | June 2022
Cooking at the Pioneer Hall/ Corona Gardens, Bandra West.

Umbrella Distribution. | June 2022
We distributed umbrellas at one of our villages.

Aur Chalao, Preloved Gifts. | May 2022
Preloved toys, books, shoes were distributed to the kids of DeviPada at Aarey.

Donations, together We can do more. | May 2022
Sponsored grain and other itesms to 25 families at Devipada.

Donations, together We can do more. | May 2022
Distribution made to 30 families of our Khambhacha pada.

Tribal Tadka & Tribal Lunch. | April 2022
Our Aarey community were happy with an opportunity to showcase their hospitality at a Tribal Lunch.

Warli Art Class. | April 2022
Pictures from our open air Warli Art Class conducted by Mahesh Bariya.

Together We Can Do More. | March 2022
Our work received an award from The Rotary Club of Mumbai Elegant handed by Shabana Azmi.

Project Dharavalli. | March 2022
A distribution of sanitary pads sponsored by Tangent.

Women Supporting Women. | March 2022
Women Of Aarey entrepreneur group organised this Womens Day event all on their own.

Covid Lockdown Food Project. | March 2022
Food drives, because livelihoods have been impacted by Covid

The #AurChalao programme. | February 2022
A talented young man. He & his father have a band and get bookings for village weddings and other ceremonies.

Preloved Infant Items. | February 2022
Preloved pram and baby items for young families we support near Film City, Goregaon.

TRibal TAdka Sale. | February 2022
An assortment of various food and warli products

Nazareth Foundation Cares. | January 2022
Pending College fees paid for a student who's plumber father is ill and lost livelihood due to the #COVID pandemic

Water Tank. | January 2022
The installation of the water tanks, at Dongarpada Madh Island.