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Name: The Nazareth Foundation
Account No: 50200043686358
Bank: HDFC Bank (Current Account)
IFSC Code: HDFC0000410
Address: IC Colony Branch

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Cassandra Nazareth

Mahesh Bariya


What the project is about

COVID19 lockdown for SGNP Adivasis

We are appealing for funds so we can procure dry goods for these families to tide them over the #COVID19 lockdown.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai, (SGNP) has 11 Adivasi hamlets deep inside the Forest where the public is not allowed.

The Adivasis there do not have electricity. They have to walk for minimum 2.5 km to get to the Western Express Highway gate of Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

There are no grocers / shops or any infrastructure for these families who are mostly staying in tin or cloth shanties.

Most are daily wage earners and have one male member working or none at all.

Some of the younger women walk out to Borivail east housing societies to work as maids.

While the tribal welfare ministry is supposed to look after them, the reality is quite different.

Though they have been living inside SGNP for generations and living off the land, the govt wants to evict them from their lands.

The village folk themselves to come pick groceries from Borivali West.
(the shops near them at Borivali East have been shut)

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BlasiaPinto: +919920184909
MaheshBariya: +918879154915