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Name: The Nazareth Foundation
Account No: 50200043686358
Bank: HDFC Bank (Current Account)
IFSC Code: HDFC0000410
Address: IC Colony Branch

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Cassandra Nazareth

The Nazareth Foundation


Help us, help the helpless!

1. In view of the rapid increase in COVID cases all over India, lockdowns have been imposed by various state governments to try and stem the spread . This has resulted in absolute misery for the very poor who live from hand to mouth. The Nazareth Foundation has therefore started #CovidLockdownFoodProject 2.0, this April 2021. This involves among other things the following:

Providing remote aid through distribution of cooked food as well as grocery and vegetables to indigenous tribal villages in Aarey Forest,Sanjay Gandhi National Park,fishing villages of Madh Island , Dharavi,Govandi,Cheeta Camp slums, in Mumbai. Besides this, the foundation also responds to any appeal for help through #RemoteAid,Pan India.

2. #COVIDHelpline
The Foundation is currently running a for Oxygen support,plasma resolution,locating hospital beds & medicines for critical COVID patients Pan India,with the help of a college student volunteer group Medical assistance and medicines are provided in special cases.

4.#Farewell Helping to give a dignified farewell to those who don't make it. This is specially needed given the large number of deaths & the collapse of the system.

5. The Foundation has joined hands with #KhaanaChahiye (an NGO striving to fight hunger) to provide cooked meals to migrants or those who have lost their livelihood .

Team Blasia Pinto, Rajni Gama, Mahesh Bariya, Anirudh Ravindran, Rita Newnes & Cassandra Nazareth

Thank You & looking forward to happier days for our planet!

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CassandraNazareth: +919820224450
BlasiaPinto: +919920184909
MaheshBariya: +918879154915